We are living in a culture that makes “I’m so exhausted” a badge of honor.


There is an expectation is that you are tired and have no time. It’s rewarded because we then get to bond over complaints with the other people who are “so exhausted”. 


I’m constantly hearing from people who say that they just don’t have the energy to go after what they really want in life.


They are running on fumes and just “doing life” is hard enough. 


I’ve also seen that the same people think that more sleep or more caffeine is the answer. It makes sense to think that way. We’ve been conditioned to buy that theory.


In the world I live in, these are not the solutions. They are just band aids. 


So what are the solutions?


First there is a definitive shift to make in your mindset. 


Second there are conscious actions you can take to manage and generate energy. 


In my latest video I share both the mindset switch and a few of the actions that can help you feel more energetic. 


In the past I only have taught this to my paying clients. 


Spoiler alert…all of this will feel and sound counter intuitive. If you think I’m full of it…I’d love to talk. 




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