One of my favorite presenters is Brene’ Brown.  She is a researcher and author who studies, writes, and speaks about Shame, Vulnerability, Worthiness, and Courage. I love her work and she has been an inspiration to so many. A voice of reason in our unreasonable, unauthentic culture. A true beacon for personal power and connection. In many ways she is preaching the message that can allow people to open up to the possibilities of life and Drop the Armor.

She is the presenter of a TED Talk with over 20 million views, The Power of Vulnerability.  This talk gifted me with valuable insight that helped to spur my personal growth, and spoke to a piece of my soul that always craved a certain level of validation.  I recommend it to most of my coaching clients. Her work has helped me to form one of my key philosophies.

Strength + Vulnerability = POWER!

Brené is the author of two #1 New York Times Bestsellers: Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfection.

Here newest book came out just last month, titled Rising Strong.  It’s an exploration of how those that are doing big bold daring things inevitably fall down, or fail, and how they get back up and rise to the occasion.

In this video I provide commentary on the keys I took away from her extraordinary talk and put my personal spin on them.

If you prefer podcasts over videos, just click here to listen to the podcast version.

One of the biggest reasons we experience major set backs in achieving our health and wellness goals are the Shitty First Drafts that we buy into. The stories our minds create to make us think something is either too hard or that when we have tried, that somehow we have failed. Often this results in procrastination from starting on a major wellness journey or in giving up because you think you failed. When in fact you are right on the verge of a major break through.

It takes help from others to begin to see these stories for what they are and how they impact you.  To shift the perspective and use them to create mindfulness and focus.

As a coach, that is what I do. 

I want to give you the gift of a 45 minute session to identify the stories that are holding you back, or just to give you a push in the right direction to get started on your wellness, health, weight loss or personal transformation journey.


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