3 Steps to Increasing Your Income Dramatically


Recently a client of mine increased his income dramatically without going back to school, changing careers, getting a big promotion or behaving outside of his ethics or values.

At first I thought he was going to have to make a move to a different company or get a promotion. What he accomplished, with the help of our coaching work together, expanded even my own expectations.

The truth is that money isn’t the end all be all and in general we know that past a certain income level it really does not increase your happiness. However for someone who does amazing work, cares about what they are doing, and performs with excellence, income is a representation of value.

It’s an energy exchange. I give my life energy to a cause, I get trade worthy units that can be turned into stuff that helps give me more life energy.

So making more can be highly affirming and extraordinarily empowering with the right perspective.

In this video I give you 3 simple steps to being the process of increasing your income while playing within your ethics and values.




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