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Real Health RadioJoe and host Chris Sandel discuss his unique weight loss journey, how to create change that lasts, masculinity and men’s body image as well as eating psychology.

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Twelve Minute ConvosJoe was interviewed here by Engel Jones. If you only have 12 minutes and want to learn more about eating psychology and the power of morning routines, this is the interview for you. 

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A Mind For Fitness PodcastEian and Joe have both lost over 100 lbs each. Listen to this to get a deep dive into Mind Body Nutrition and Eating Psychology. Joe shares a powerful practice to create inquiry into hunger. If you find yourself starring at the vending machine, cabinet or fridge when you think you ought not be, this interview is for you. 

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Psychology of Eating PodcastThe founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating interviewed Joe as a client. Even though Joe is a coach and has climbed many mountains with mindset around health, wellness and weight, there are still struggles that he continues to work through. In this very open and vulnerable interview Marc helps Joe with fears about gaining weight back, confusion over plant based eating, and coaches him into allowing space for his current stage of life. Listen as Joe takes of the coach hat and sits in the clients seat for a while.  listen to both the initial session from February 2016 and the follow up session from May 2017.

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The ManKind Project Journal– In this video interview Joe talks about why it is so important for all of us to be focused on health, both from an individual perspective and collectively as a culture.



The Big Change – The Big Change is a documentary currently in production about people who lose over 100 lbs in real life. Our media is filled with examples of unhealthy weight loss stories via weight loss “reality TV”. The filmmaker Jason Cohen is on a mission to inspire the masses by showing how the rest of us transform. 

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The Public Interest PodcastJordan Cooper is passionate about service to the public interest. In this podcast interview he and Joe talk about the epidemics of health challenges that face our culture right now as well as the importance of self-care for anyone who is in a role serving others.

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10 Things I Did to Lose 160 Pounds Without Ever Dieting- This article was featured in MindBodyGreen and has been shared on social media 4,000 times. Check out what the buzz is all about.


I Lost 160 Pounds 3 Years Ago. Here’s How I’ve Kept The Weight Off- Another MindBodyGreen article that received lots of attention. This article is arguably more value packed than the first. Read it for yourself and learn what sustainable weight loss looks like.


After Losing 160 lbs, Here is What I’ve Learned About Calories Calories in/Calories out, it does work…at times, for some people, at certain periods in life. It is almost always a failed long term strategy.





Joe contributes to The Good Men Project. Check out his articles here.




Awakening the Sacred Masculine is an article Joe wrote for the Institute for Psychology of Eating Coaches blog. As a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, he brings light to our need to understand and welcome both masculine and feminine powers in each of us. (Not male and female per se)

A Call to the Wild is a post about the raw primal energy that we are born with, yet so often we abandon to be accepted and to survive. Often this repressed energy is what expresses itself as addictions and self sabotage. Often Joe’s writing speaks more to the thinking part of our being, this article is hits deeply into the feeling realm of our being.